Great Circle Calculation

Departure position (latitude, longitude) + Arrival position (latitude, longitude)
Longitude Interval (optional), Maximum Latitude (optional)
to compute
Great Circle

Departure latitude    °  ' .  

Departure longitude °  ' .  

Arrival latitude    °  ' .  

Arrival longitude °  ' .  

Longitude interval °  0'

Maximum latitude    ° 


nautical mile(s)

The GC distance is X nautical miles as the sum of the rhumb lines (RLs).



The Vertex is on/outside the track.
The Vertex distance is X nautical miles.

Courses (GC)

Great Circle Theoretical Departure Course
Great Circle Theoretical Arrival Course    

The period of the geodetic curve is X°

Composite Sailing

No/The maximum latitude is reached.
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The total distance indicated above is the distance with composite sailing.

with reference ellipsoid

Lat/Long accuracy (fraction of minute)

Course accuracy

Distance accuracy