• Celestial Navigation Program ASNAv
    (Windows only, free but without technical support*)

    Please let me know how you use the program and give me feedback, for instance if you would like a version for tablet or phone...
    Use the contact page to send me a message.

    If you use the program regularly, consider donating to The Mission to Seafarers

Some useful downloads from other websites:

The NavList:

  • Universal plotting sheet (PDF)
  • Adjustable plotting sheet. It is an EPS file that you can update with a text editor to adjust the latitude (line 25).
    To print the EPS file, one option is to go to this site (convert to PNG and resize to a width of 2480 pixels for A4). The same site also offers a Windows utililty to read EPS files.

* To get full support for a fee, you can buy the ASNAv software at